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EZee Life Portable Scooter Batteries

Rover 4 Scooter Batteries

These batteries are for use on the EZee Rover Scooters only.

It's recommended that scooter batteries be replaced in pairs.

While both your old batteries may not fail at the same time if one fails the other won't be far behind. Pairing a new battery with an older battery will damage the new battery and significantly reduce its performance and lifespan.

Power Rating

We offer high powered 26 amp hour batteries for our Rover scooters for long lasting performance between charges.

Lead Acid Batteries

Model: 009-03-2 - MSRP: $400.00

Lithium Batteries

Model: 009-03-1 - MSRP: $730.00

Available at:

Factory Direct Medical

EZee Life™ Limited Warranty

Part Name Warranty Length
Manufacturing Defects1 Year
Normal Wear & TearExcluded

EZee Life™ products carry a one year warranty against manufacturing defects, faulty materials and workmanship only.

Any alterations, misuse, abuse, or accidental damage voids this warranty. EZee Life™ reserves the right to replace or repair any part that has become defective.

The warranty does not extend to consequential costs resulting from the fault or defect of the product: freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, or other expenses that one may incur.

Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and the original receipt must be presented before any warranty options are considered. Please also be prepared to provide the date of purchase and serial number.


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