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This Rugged mobility scooter comes with a full light package for optimal safety, and a keyed power switch for added security. A nice wide 18 inch deluxe memory foam seat, and big 10" pneumatic EASY-RIDE tires on the front wheels, and 14" tires on the rear wheels give the Rover 4 scooter a stable comfortable ride on most terrain.

  • Maximum speed*: 11 km/h. (6.8 mph.)
  • Estimated range*: 25 km (15.5 miles)
  • Climbing slope: 8° (14%)
  • Ground clearance: 12.7 cm. (5")
  • Scooter weight:(including battery): 159 lbs (72 kg)
  • Product Dimensions: 22" x 54" (55.88cm x 137.16cm)
  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • Seat height: 22" (55.88 cm)
  • Seat width: 18" (56 cm)
  • Seat depth: 18.5" (57 cm)

*Dependent on battery and scooter condition, user weight & terrain traveled.

The EZee Rover 4 electric mobility scooter are the only mid-size folding scooter on the market, providing a sporty yet strong design which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The 15.5 miles cruising range means it can keep up with you all day long! This sleek electric 4 wheel scooter is one of the safest rides on the market and includes tail lights, turn signals, headlights, and running lights to make sure you stay accident free.

The EZee Rover 4 comes apart, easily folds for transport or storage and fits into the trunk of most cars.

The amazing four point seat structure means 45% more stability on inclines. All of these safety features and a luxurious Memory Foam seat too? You can trust Factory direct, your Toronto source for Medical supplies for the home, for value and friendly service. The Rover is like the BMW of electric mobility scooters thanks to its graceful elegance and sturdy design. You deserve to enjoy this, get one now and get back to the outdoors you love!

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Rover 4 Scooter

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Ezee Life Portable Electric Mobility Scooters are small super-lightweight mobility scooters that easily disassemble into multiple components or can be folded for easy transportation and provide an excellent choice for electric scooters for on-the-move-riders!

  • Compact and light design
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
  • Detachable battery pack can be carried inside for recharging
  • Sturdy enough for a 115 kg (250 lbs) person
  • Disassembly is done without tools
  • Front column is detaches without bending
  • Can be transported in the trunk of most cars
  • Batteries are Air Travel Friendly
  • 10- 13 km range dependent on model, terrain, battery condition & user weight

EZee Life Portable Folding Scooters are very lightweight but powerful 3 and 4 wheeled scooters that will easily fold or disassemble for transport while still having a weight capacity of 250 lbs!

These mobility scooters have either single or narrow mounted dual front wheels that provide excellent maneuverability and manage small obstacles easily. Models with dual front wheels provide a but more stability than a three wheeled scooter but still have a maneuverability that is superior to wide mount four wheeled scooters.

Because these mobility scooters easily disassemble into easy to manage components they can be transported in almost any vehicle yet is strong enough to carry adults up to 250 pounds (115 kg) in weight!

With their battery packs mounted on the tiller handles they can be removed without the user having to bend over. The re-charge time for the batteries will be between 7 and 10 hours depending on the state of discharge and battery condition.

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The Ezee Life Economy Mobility Scooters are small lightweight scooters that easily disassemble into miultiple components that are easily transported. An excellent choice for those who want an attractive small sized portable mobility scooter at an ecomnomical price. Available in 4 wheel or 3 wheel designs and an choice of blue or red colours.

  • Compact and light
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
  • Easily disassembles
  • Easy to transport in most vehicles
  • Store in tight places quickly and easily
  • Can be transported in the trunk of most vehicles
  • Heaviest part is the rear section at 32.5 lbs (14.75 kg)

The EZ5S and EZ6S Economy Mobility Scooters are 3 and 4 wheeled portable scooters small enough to be easily loaded into vehicles but powerful enough to be used both indoors and outdoors on solid and relatively smooth surfaces.

These portable scooters disassemble intoseveral components without the need of any tools for easy transport and storage with the rear section being the heaviest component weighing only 32.5 lbs. (15 kgs).

With a range of up to 10 miles (16 kms) and a speed of up to 3.5 mph (5.6 kph) the these economical mobility scooters will last most users the entire day without the need of recharging. Range and speed will vary depending on user weight, battery condition and terrain.

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EZ5S Scooter
EZ6S Scooter

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EZee Life Mobility Scooter Parts and Accessories - EZee Life Scooter accessories and replacement parts are available for all our mobility scooters and may also fit models from other manufacturers as well! These items make your scooter more fuctional and can help keep your scooter operating at full capacity as years go by.

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