CH4040 Rover 4 Mobility Scooter

CH4040 Rover 4 Mobility Scooter Image

CH4040 Rover 4 Mobility Scooter Image

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CH4040 Rover 4 Tiller Image
Tiller & Seat
CH4040 Rover 4 Front End Image
Front Wheels
CH4065 EZee Fold Folded Image
Rover in SUV




The Rover is the only mid-size folding scooter on the market, providing a sporty yet strong design which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

The 19 mile cruising range means it can keep up with you all day long! This sleek scooter is one of the safest rides on the market and includes tail lights, turn signals, headlights, and running lights to make sure you stay accident free.

The amazing four point seat structure means 45% more stability on inclines. All of these safety features and a luxurious Memory Foam seat too?

The Rover is like the BMW of scooters thanks to its graceful elegance. You deserve to enjoy this, so call us toll free to get one now!


  • Comes Apart & Folds For Easy Transport!
  • Keyed Ignition for Added Security, Ergonomic Delta Tiller
  • Battery Light Indicator


  • Deluxe memory foam seat
  • Light weight alloy
  • Speed control
  • Easily folds and fits in most cars and SUVs
  • Convenient adjustable & foldable tiller
  • Reverse
  • Electronic automatic brakes
  • Optional car charger
  • Speed control
  • Folding frame
  • Includes free batteries


  • Maximum speed: 12 km/h. (7.5 mph.)
  • Power supply: 24V from 2 charged sealed lead acid, maintenance-free (12V-26Ah) batteries.
  • Charge time: 7 - 10 hours
  • Estimated range: 25 km (15.5 miles) (using recommended battery and depending on operating conditions and load.)
  • Battery pack weight: 9.5 kg. (20.9 lbs.) x 2
  • Climbing slope: 8° (14%)
  • Ground clearance: 12.7 cm. (5")
  • Turning Radius: 107 cm (42")
  • Scooter weight:(including battery): 72 kg (159 lbs.)
  • Front Frame weight: 27 kg (59 lbs.)
  • Rear Frame weight: 26 kg. (57 lbs.)
  • Front Wheels: 26 x 8 cm. (10.2" x 3.1".)
  • Rear Wheels: 34 x 6.5 cm. (13.4 x 2.6 in.)
  • Wheel air pressure: 3.2 bar (45 psi.)
  • Product Dimensions: 61 x 139.7 x 96.5 cm (24" x 55" x 38")
  • Weight with batteries:141 lbs (64 kg)
  • Weight without batteries: 99 lbs (45 kg)
  • Weight front frame: 48 lbs (22 kg)
  • Front frame dimensions: 61 x 61 x 53.3 cm (24” x 24” x 21”)
  • Weight rear frame: 23 kg (51 lbs)
  • Rear frame dimensions: 61 x 40.6 x 66 cm (24” x 16” x 26”)
  • Weight capacity: 170 kg (375 lbs)
  • Seat height: 55.9 cm (22")
  • Seat width: 56 cm (18")
  • Seat depth: 57 cm (18.5")
  • Shipping Dimensions: (Length, Width, Height) 137 x 62 x 95 cm (54" x 24.4" x 37.4")

*Speed and Range are dependent on the weight of the user, condition of the batteries and terrain travelled. Weights & measurements are approximate.

Air Travel:

Attention: All our scooter batteries are sealed batteries and are designed to be safe for air travel. Airlines are especially careful these days when it comes to transporting batteries and there have been cases recently where scooter batteries have been confiscated prior to a flight forcing the traveller to purchase new batteries at their destination.

When booking a flight where you intend to take your wheelchair or scooter, always contact the airline to ensure that your batteries meet their requirements for air travel.

Safe Transport Documentation for Air Travel

Safe Transport Documentation for Sea Travel

EZee Life™ Rover 4 Limited Warranty

Part Name Warranty Length
Frame3 Years
Battery1 Year
Electronics1 Year
Wear ItemsExcluded

Any alterations, misuse, abuse, or accidental damage voids this warranty. EZee Life™ reserves the right to replace or repair any part that has become defective.

The warranty does not extend to consequential costs resulting from the fault or defect of the product: freight and travel costs, loss of earnings, or other expenses that one may incur.

Warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and the original receipt must be presented before any warranty options are considered. Please also be prepared to provide the date of purchase and serial number.


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